Bitcoin 2022 Recap, GA Day 2. Morning: Booth, Pysh, Carter, Back, van Wirdum & More


The last day of the Bitcoin 2022 conference was sort of a letdown. The big-name speakers didn’t deliver, the announcements were mild and there was no El Salvador moment. That was in the afternoon, though. In the morning, the bitcoin-famous speakers did their thing and brought forth interesting ideas and doubled down on their theories. The host was comedian and YouTuber JP Sear. The stream’s number of viewers oscillated between 5.2K and 5.7K.

An interesting fact is that, the night before, YouTube suspended Bitcoin Magazine’s channel for some kind of algorithmically-detected offense. The news sent Twitter into a frenzy, with a group of people trying to get a human in the YouTube camp to reverse the decision and another group trying to find alternative ways to access the stream. Luckily, the …

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