Eva Longoria Interview Latina Magazine January 2017

Eva Longoria Interview Latina Magazine January 2017.

  • On being supportive of others: “I hadn’t even met Gina Rodriguez when she was nominated for a Golden Globe, but when I heard the news, I remember just saying yes! Some people were like, ‘Why did she get nominated and I didn’t?’’ And I thought, ‘She’s winning that for all of us!’ When Monica Puig won gold at the Olympics, I was in tears! I’m freaking Mexican American, and you would have thought I was Puerto Rican! I was screaming at the TV, saying yes!
  • On connecting to her Mexican roots: “I did not grow up speaking Spanish in Texas, and learning it later in life was a gift. Living in Mexico with my husband has really made me feel closer to my heritage. Mexico has been a gift to me — it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world.”
  • On her love of fashion: “It’s another creative outlet. I’ve been sewing my entire life — garment construction, materials, fabric — and I just love being able to create. It’s the same reason I love cooking, because it’s totally different.”
  • On working hard: “I give 110 percent to everything I do: my charity foundation, clothing line, my bedding line, acting, directing. I just finished directing Jane the Virgin, and for three weeks I was in the trenches of the TV show. Nothing else existed while I was shooting Jane and directing Gina [Rodriguez]. I just wanted to be 1000 percent there for them, I want to be amazing, and it’s just a matter of prioritizing.”
  • On Telenovela and Devious Maids being canceled: “I loved producing Telenovela because I gave eight roles to up-and-coming Latino actors who maybe wouldn’t have been given a chance. For me, that’s probably the best part of it all . . . I’m such an optimist! I’m a glass half-full girl. I think you have to work hard, and things happen for a reason. I get to learn from those experiences. If you do not pursue the things you want, you’re not learning.”

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